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About university

Kyung-In Tashkent International University (KTIU) — is the Korean university of international level.
Following the best traditions of education in Uzbekistan and Korea, and using modern methods of teaching, the university is regarded as one of the most prestigious higher educational establishments in Uzbekistan. Currently, KTIU offers more than thirty on-demand specializations at five most popular directions. Having identified some most progressively developing spheres of industry, the university opened the following departments:

1. The Department of Textile

2. The Department of Fashion and Design

3. The Department of Air service and Tourism

4. The Department of Korean Studies

5. The Department of Beauty and Healthcare

Provided with the most up-to-date textbooks and applying the most effective teaching methodology developed by best universities in Korea, the university has founded a scientific potential which will stay actual for many years. The faculty formed with professors invited from Korea, is a distinctive feature of the university which make the university stand out among many other universities of international standard. Our teaching staff consists exclusively of professors with international teaching experience.
The university has such facilities as research laboratories equipped with the modern scientific tools, the library provided with a great number of books and educational material brought from Korea, USA, Japan, and Europe, a gym and many other facilities to which students of the university have 24 hours of access.
We also plan to organize clubs where students will spend free time and work on their self-education. After graduating the university, our students will speak fluently four languages which will make it possible for them to find highly-paid jobs not only at international companies in Uzbekistan, but also in other parts of the world including Russia, USA, Korea, and Europe.


  • Address

    House 35A, quarter 20D,
    Chilanzar district
    Tashkent Transport Professional College.
    Landmark: Al-Kharezmi street. Mosque Ilon-Ota.

  • Phone number

    +998 (97) 461-91-23
    +998 (97) 462-91-23
    +998 (97) 463-91-23

Information for student

Мы любим получать вопросы ровно также, как и давать на них ответы. Ниже представлены некоторые примеры вопросов и ответов, с которыми мы часто сталкиваемся:
  • Required documents
    После получения хороших результатов экзамена Вы можете поступить в более 400 колледжей или университетов США, которые занимают лидирующие позиции всех мировых рейтингов:
    • Stanford University
    • University of Southern California
    • Harvard University
    • Northeastern University
    • University of Pennsylvania
    • Yale University
    • Cornell University
    • UC Berkeley
    • Bowdoin College
    • Duke University
  • Exams to be taken
    Вы сможете зарегистрироваться на сдачу ACT в любую из сессий после окончания курса, когда Вы поймете, что Вы подготовлены и будете полностью уверены в себе.